Shattered Wig Review, No. 22.

by Shattered Wig Press. Winter 2003. Shattered Wig Press, 425 E. 31st St. Baltimore, MD. 21218.

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I think the WIG is WIG Rupert Wondolowski and only Rupert Wondolowski because he as editor Rupert Wondolowski edits and is there everywhere on each page of the Rupert Wondolowski magazine where he utilizes other poets works and prose writers and cartoonists and like orchestra orchestrates conductor he is Rupert Wondolowski maker of the WIG unlike other editors who are just blanks in their mags he is always there hovering flying saucer about the works all of which then is a delight like custard (not General Custer) he dips the poetry that comes his way and images and art and prose and all into his Rupert Wondolowski dip coating yummmmmm Sound, Image, Visual, insanity, satire, ironic also Rupert Wondolowski so if you aaa, intestine interesting interested in a real mag mag WIG mag a ZIN-e (Invader ZIMMMM) Rupert Wondolowski here is Rupert Wondolowski in the form of his art the magazine WIG.

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