Bukowski Review. Issue 2. Winter 2002-03

by Editor, Joan Jobe Smith. Bukowski Review. 3030 East 2nd Street, Long Beech, California 90803.

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A menu of full courses, a buffet, an all you can eat salad bar, a banquet, a balance hard to find is here reached, like the tops of mountains, like the bottoms of oceans. Damned hard to please Anubis and Christ and Cupid, Peter and Paul, Ying and Yang, Eng and Chang, brown eggs, white eggs, etc. and enough. If there was an ideal Bukowski review, part homage, part poetry, part critical, information, fun, interview, information, photographs, stuff and talking over a beer or two, three, this would be it. It is. The universe of Bukowski is in order here in this issue of The Bukowski Review. Thanks Joan Jobe Smith - lioness editoress. As the Buk might write, a picnic basket. So keep it going. Subscribe. Submit your wallet. Send some dollars. YOU will be happy, pleased, surprised, thrilled and intoxicated and a few other things. Let me drop some names: Gerald Locklin, Fred Voss, Gerald Nicosia, Wilma Elizabeth McDaniel, John Brantingham, Linda King, Joyce Metzger, Daniel Goude, Don Pierstorff, Billy Jones, Ann Menebroker, Michael Eastabrook, Melody Blake, Gary Goude, Juanita Joaquin, W. David Wright, Herb Kitson, Jack Saunders, Alan Dent. There.

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