Buddha on Ice. Peshekee River Poetry No. 6.

by Tom Blessing, editor. Tandavapoetry. Box 689 Eastpointe, MI 48021.

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I was laying on the flood no floor and when my left eye crawled open and I see on yellow paper Buddha on Ice! Within poets: Shoshuana Shy, Robert L. Penick, Carol Parris Krauss, Donna Michele Hill, Mark Hartenbach, Alan Catlin, and Sharon Rothenfluch Cooper. I take a deep breath and breathe and inhale this fresh air of the underground poetry all moist with the humanness of garages and eggs sunny-side up and hot coffee in worn cups from Buffalo China! Hey! All those Buffalo China cups you been drinkin hot coffee from for all your life. Guess what. The plant just closed! 300 more people out of work. Lucky we are fighting terrorism. Isn’t cutting the throats of 300 working people and their families, isn’t that a form of terrorism? These aren’t the folks that got big SUV jobs and houses what are as big as churches, no no no. These are people who are the poems in this magazine. I know what side I am on. Bravo my friend poets. I raise my coffee cup and to you too Blessing!

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