by Michael Kelleher. Phylum Press, 69 Clark Street - 2R, New Haven CT. 06511.

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A poem of 11 numbered sections that plays, hops, skips and manipulates language with the best poets of the last century and allows fissures in the world words so that the reader can actually cast her own runes and read a fortune in the essence art of this poem’s poetry. It is not often these days that I find a poet whose poetics, that is the way the poems are made and the words used, balance so completely with the poetry and the poet’s intention. The poetry is innovating and interesting. The seam between the art and the other here is invisible and I like not knowing where I am. Better than wine! And here it is! What I want from poetry. Wish there was more to this fortune cookie! Fortunately, many readings do not wear the poetry thin. And each time this mojo bag opens it reopens and the real magic of poetry permeates and percolates this world with that.

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