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Wow! This is the 56 page 10th anniversary issue! That means that this magazine is older than your cat! What the hell lasts ten years? This is amazing and Mineshaft is an amazing oasis for sure. This issue has lots of R. Crumb drawings and a section of letters from Crumb to Everett Rand - editor of this 10-year-old (if this magazine were a kid he would be in 5th grade! Probably expelled for creativity! And I say kid cause Billy the Kid is on the cover!). And inside, well inside are: Waffles the Clown, Alan Catlin, Darlene Fife - who is the one time grand editoress of NOLA Express - left, radical, antiwar (We need to do it again) magazine of New Orleans who published Bukowski with endless regularity and paid him too in the 1960s and in this issue of Mineshaft with Robert Head - who did the same with Fife - and whose work recently appeared in Lee Thorn’s FUCK. And there is an index. Now let’s say that you are afraid to send money in the mail because you are paranoid, alcoholic, bi-polar, too fat to walk, a lazy fuck and piece of shit, schizoid, a ghost or a giraffe. You can get Mineshaft at: City Lights, Cody’s, Harvard Book Store, Water Row Books, Powell’s, Left Bank Books, Beguiling, Quimby’s and the Bull’s Head Bookshop in Chapel Hill, N.C. (and a lot of other book stores also). So - take a hike - only 600 copies printed! Don’t wait till summer.

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