More Talks on Bill Evans

by Gerald Locklin. Bottle of Smoke Press, 503 Tuliptree Square, Leesburg, VA 20176. 703-779-2004

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I read this as almost a thing of a statement of poetics with the twists and turns of poetry in prose and the secret rhythms that hide beneath the reading in all of Locklin’s works, and he here blends music with his intimate knowledge of lit. What you say, well yes, he is an English teacher and a Prof at that. Well, yes he is, but ask during your next encounter with a Prof(UNCLE)fester and even a Profestoring of poetry, say, “What do you think of: “To Juan at the Winter Solstice.” And at the end of this Locklin writes, “a life in music is a good life, and it never ends.” So now you know one of the secrets of G.L. And well, if these takes are foreshadowing of Locklin writing to come pouring forth, I say, let it ring, flow, harp and sing. A life in music never ends.

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