Outlaw Magazine. No. 1, 2002 and No. 2, 2003

by Edited and published by Bryn Fortey. Outlaw Magazine. 212 Caerleon Road, Newport, South Wales NP19 7GQ UK.

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Here one has got in one shopping cart: beer, wine, pantyhose, carrots (carrots are guns and bullets), a head of lettuce, Dave Church reaching for a Pall Mall, Bryn Fortey screaming at a warthog woman (Watchout Bryn!) and you have the most New Jersey moving beat tempo of poet music in the Changes by Herschel Silverman and in the poem On Nite Train by Herschel Silverman, jazz jazz poet rhythm, um, um, “melting the marrow.” And what’s a mag without Lady Lyn, and what’s a mag with without Steve Sneyd and Sneyd’s, “? of knives dance slice?” And: Tough Shit by Mike Hoy and of course can’t list them all or that would be a shopping list and this is a banquet that you must get home and on the couch with pretzels and curtains closed oh poetry of the broken and spider web soul and spider eggs laid in the corner of your mouth and ants in the eyes and ants in the pants soul ole!

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