Out of the Blue, Into the Black

by Dave Pishnery. 2003. Stegosaurus Press. 35124 Euclid Ave. Apt G-201, Willoughby, Ohio 44094.

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The poems are made from short, cadence rich, lines that propel you along, pull you along into the rhythm of Pishnery’s poetry. And pretty soon you are rattling around on the Pishnery poetry express. Comfortable, insightful, relaxed without straining, without restraining oneself from their intoxication. Trusting his insights, which are all real, one gets relaxed and you trust in his real. This is not a thing that occurs often in the land of the poem. But IT is here. And as I close this book and look at the cover I think of the image of a heart drowning in a river of beer ’ that’s enough to bring me back around for a full second read. And then after you get done with Out of the Blue, Into the Black, check into his 12X120, which is 60, 12 lined poems form 200l and 60 more from 2001-2002. 2001/02 were good years, productive years and he, Pishnery, in his form travels along with insight and outsight. Contact Dave P. Stegosaurus P. for this item then also ’ probably around the same price as the other above mentioned book. Write him. A ripe banana on the side. This is eating!

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