by Bradley Lastname. 2004 The Press of The Third Mind, 1301 N. Dearborn, Loft 1007, Chicago, IL, 60610.

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One has to love poetry that is really poetry and that is so off the wall as to be ultimately form breaking and vibrant. Lastname writes without the limits of genre and without the arrogance of career! Forget about poetry with Lastname poetry has now been reborn as the property poetry of the working middle and people reading class! Finally a poetry that people don’t have to puke over! His poetry brain must be soaked alcohol Hula-hoop made from fermenting Lenny Bruce with Homer Melville and Norbert Mailer. This book of poems is as fresh as a new born litter of warthogs. Like Lastname’s Poem With Too Many Syllables to be a Haiku:

I look in the mirror
And I'm happy to see me
Regardless of whether there's a pickle in my pocket

Uproariously insane! Riotous and ball busting humor out of left field. A truck of pig bladder pouring beer pee into the pyramids. Truly a Gregory Corso for the 21st century.

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