Murderous Signs Issue No. 8

by T. Anders Carson and James P. McAuliffe. ISSN number: 1499-6006. PO Box 20517, 390 Rideau St. Ottawa, Ontario K1N 1A3 Canada.

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Well, this is Issue No.8 of Murderous Signs in these bony fingers this AM. It has an ISSN number: 1499-6006. And the poems within are quite good. The editor is Grant Wilkens and I must give him a slap on the back for spending the time to gather up this work. And he pays 3 cents a word! He’s got an ear for the poem. A tough job he must have carving this issue and each issue out of the mountain of ice and shit that must get shoved into his mail slot. Ouch! So hold on Grant. We are with you in Rockland. Now good reader: Don’t send Grant crap because he wills send it back. Ouch. But read his mag. There are only two contributors to this issue T. Anders Carson and James P. McAuliffe. T. is good and deep and the works mirror his ability to ponder and his art is sharp and precise. I prefer the works of McAuliffe in this here issue No. 8. Maybe because he writes:


or maybe because he writes:

bomb the libraries with poetry
leave poems in books and files
stuff one in a video or a record
leave books among the books

Reading poetry is, of course, a performance and taking it to the next level like hiding it where others can find it. Ah. He has got it. And when you are out and about leaving poetry here and there in libraries, you should leave a copy of Murderous Signs there also. So get some extra copies. Can you imagine the mind of a 13-year-old finding real poetry! Converts, we need converts.

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