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More Generative Writing Exercises

A while ago, I published a list of generative writing exercises. They seem to be quite popular and so I submit to you, even more generative writing exercises. In particular, I am fond of the postcard exercise. This set of activities was designed by the University of Massachusetts Amherst, to be used with lesson plans, but they’re all so simple and useful that I think anyone would be able to use them to…

work on generating material they might work with in the essay and/or producing many short pieces of writing that explore multiple topics to help them choose the eventual focus of their essay. We refer to this as generative writing to reflect the thought process involved: a time where the writer generates ideas, considers multiple options for topics, invents material that might be useful for the later essay, and rethinks positions and perspectives"" reinventing their own take on the issue.

Here’s the list.

Adding to a Conversation - Assignment Adding to a Conversation - Sample Proposal All the World Is a Text Analyzing Texts Through a Cultural Lens Asking Questions to Further a Conversation Audience Textual Analysis Autobiographical Collage Essay

Blowing Things Into Proportion - Assignment Blowing Things Into Proportion - Generative Writing Activities Blowing Things Into Proportion - Note Card Exercise Blowing Things Into Proportion - Other Activities

Calendar and Music Activity Cinderella Story Civic Writing Class Discussion Suggestions Class Play Computers and Practice: Using What We Have Constructing a Reading Contexts That Make Me - Assignment Contexts That Make Me - Revision Exercise Contexts That Make Me - Famous Pairs Activity Contexts That Make Me - Generative Writing Activities Critical Cartooning Critiquing Film

Descriptive Writing with Found.Com Diversifying Literacy Spark Exercise Dream Interpretation

Exploratory Thoughts For Adding To a Conversation Exploring a Sample Conversation

Favorite Meal Exercise First Class Writing Exercise Fun With Tabloids

Generative Writing Activities - Blowing Things Into Proportion Generative Writing Activities - Contexts That Make Me Generative Writing Activities - My Self In Words Generative Writing Activities - Self As Writer Generative Writing Activities - Self In Contradiction Guidelines for Unit 4 Assignment

How to be a Poet in One Easy Lesson

Improv as Idea Wrestling Incorporating a Text Into Your Essay Initial Movements I Am Inquiring Into Self - Show and Tell Interacting With Texts - Sample Assignment Sheet Interview Exercise In the Head of the Ad Makers

Journal Prompt Dice Game Journal with a Mission

Letter Response

Making a Hypertext (Without a Computer!) Music Appreciation - English 112 Bandstand My Self In Words - Assignment My Self In Words - Generative Writing Activities

New Experiences

On This Person’s Walls

Photo Essay Places Exercise Possible Ways of Responding to a Text Postcard Exercise

Recognizing Different Audiences Recommended Readings: Other Words (PDF) Reflections on Class Management Research Update and Annotated Bibliography Rhetorical Prospectus Rock Band Exercise

Self As Writer - Assignment Self As Writer - Questionnaire Self In Contradiction - Generative Writing Activities Self In Contradiction - Sample Assignment Sheet Self Reflection About the Writing Process Short Long Short Show and Tell Some Text Wrestling Ideas - Magazine Creation Sorting Through This Mess Students’ Academic Discourse Style and Substance

Take Out Your Pencils Telephone Game - English 112 Style Traits of a Documented Essay Trash Exercise Trying On Style Using Poe,Woolf, and Hemmingway Two Kinds of Intelligence

Upside Down Map

Ways to Weave the Journal Into 112 What is a Text? What is in My Bag? Working the Senses Writer’s Notebook Writer’s Toolbox Write to the Beat Writing Experiences and Reflections Writing Habits Writing Intros Writing the Visual Image

Do you know of any more generative writing exercises? Let’s hear about them, in the comments!

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