Welcome to the Copycat

My former home, the Copycat Building , is the subject of a new film . Elsewhere, an NPR blog post about the Copycat Building . Does this mean the rent will increase?

Tenants (in order of appearance):

  • Alex Wein
  • Kalynn Burke
  • John Yi
  • Dan Frome
  • Rachel Younghans
  • Rob Brulinski
  • Sean Wells
  • Danielle Wood
  • Josh Libercci
  • Rebecca Gasker
  • Chelsea Harman
  • Nick Broujos
  • Christopher Shields
  • Reece Cox
  • Sara Autrey
  • Adam Lempel
  • (Weekends)
  • Brendan Sullivan
  • (Weekends)
  • Graham Crisler
  • Emma Hinz
  • Elliot Swainson
  • Katie Haney
  • Allison Tullier
  • Michael Bachman

Baltimore music by:

ROOMRUNNER “SHED” roomrunner.tumblr.com SECRET MOUNTAINS “REJOICE” secretmountains.tumblr.com MURDER “YOU MIGHT DIE” WEEKENDS “RAINGIRLS” weekendsbaltimore.tumblr.com Craft services provided by National Bohemian Cast: MONOLITH