Selected Rants, Raves, and Writings by Dylan Kinnett

Spoken Word
Composing with Words like John Cage
In about two days, I plan to get on stage to perform a written work in front of a live audience and read, not from a script, but from something more like a score. I’m not the only person engaging in this literary experiment. There are about a dozen of us. What are we doing?
Authenticity Versus Expectation
There are probably some of you who would say that “clichés are clichés for a reason”, and to you I would say “cry me a river!” and I would add that the clichés may be useful, or comfortable, but cliché has no place in poetry, because it isn’t artful.
Ten Things Not to Do at a Literary Reading
Literary events, like any live performance, are bound to have some glitches here and there. Some of those glitches are easily avoided.
A Piano Made of Telephones
Second Land at Pyramid Atlantic
An experimental music performance by Second Land. My musical instrument was a short wave radio, and I performed spoken word through a delay petal at low volume.